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The place to build and finesse your pastry making skills.

A new membership space with access to professionally recorded videos introducing you to tried and true pastry techniques and fabulous recipes. It's like having me in the kitchen with you anytime you'd like, with close-ups at the crucial moments and all the tips and tricks.

Upcoming Class Release Schedule!

With your membership, you receive access to the full library of recorded class + 1 new recorded pastry class each month.

  • Coming Jan 2022: Galette de Rois

    Aka King's Cake! A puff pastry and almond cream creation only made in France in January. We'll also make a special Versailles-themed design for the top and talk about how you can create your own design.

  • Coming Feb 2022: Royal Icing Decorating

    The ins and outs of Royal Icing. How to determine the right texture and use just one for filling and outlining! Several special decorating techniques that involve heart cookies and lots of pink icing. This one was such fun to film!

  • Coming Mar 2022: Ile Flottante

    A magnifique traditional dessert in France! An island of meringue floating in a sea of delicious creme anglaise. We'll learn a creme anglaise, the easy way to poach meringue, and decorate our creations with a drizzle of caramel!

  • Coming Apr 2022: Croissants

    What you've all been waiting for! A gorgeously filmed how-to with tons of closeups and focus on technique on making these gorgeous buttery creations. Stay tuned!

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  • Community area to discuss, ask questions, and share your latest creations.

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What they're saying!

Bon Appetit

by Annette Anderson

Molly's Pastry Courses are incredible. Not only does Molly make delicious french pastries easily accessible to the home cook, but she also does it in an extremely organized fashion. NO SURPRISES! The recipes are thorough, with easy to get ingredients, informative instructions, links to helpful tools, and her tips and tricks will get you successfully on your way to making your own french pastries at home! Best investment ever!

Love the online school!

Kedrin Simms Brachman

The videos are easy to understand and the close-ups on some of the technical stuff (like the piping bags) are great. It is like we are cooking with Molly in one of her live classes! I really like how we can watch the video to get a feel for what we need to do in small snippets. For several, I have just watched them first, but will be going back to bake them later. I cannot wait for more of them!

Ooh La La!

Lisa Davis

I discovered French Pastry Made Simple and liked the book. Next came the virtual cooking classes and I loved them. That was followed by the Online Pastry School. Ooh la la. I absolutely love it! Molly takes you through the basics and makes it personable doing things like showing us her tart pan collection. Fun! But, what I really like and appreciate about the course, is that she teaches you how to mix and match the basic recipes to create over 60 pastry creations! I also like that the videos can be watched over and over and there isn't a one week time limit on the recordings. The course is fun, creative and you end up with delicious pastries! I highly recommend it!!

Impressive but Approachable French Pastry

Wendy H

I’ve loved baking with Molly! Her instruction is easy to follow and leads to success every time. She demystifies challenging recipes by sharing her well-honed skills and helpful tips with her signature joyful, easy-going demeanor. You’ll be creating impressive but approachable French pastry in no time!

I highly recommend it

Mary W

I'm so happy I enrolled in Molly's pastry school and I highly recommend it! The lessons are a great supplement to her amazing cookbook. Molly is a fantastic instructor. She is very engaging and explains the recipes and steps clearly. Her easy-going manner and helpful tips make the recipes very approachable. I've successfully made macarons, caramel sauce, meringues, and puff pastry based on her lessons and I look forward to trying all of her recipes!


  • What level baker are the classes intended for?

    The classes are meant for any level of baker who is looking forward to learning new skills in the kitchen. The methods are well explained so even if you are new to pastry, you're able to follow along.

  • With the Croquembouche Package when do I get access to the LIVE classes and how many are included?

    When you sign up, you'll receive a series of emails including the information for all of the classes currently up on the LIVE virtual class schedule. Keep in mind though that if you sign up later in the month and the classes have already passed, while you will still have access to the recipes, you will not have access to the recording or be able to join the live class as it has already happened.

    In your package, you will have access to ALL virtual LIVE classes that happen in the one year of your subscription. In terms of how many classes are included, this depends on the schedule each month. On average there are 6-8 live classes planned per month. In August, I plan on taking the full month off (as the French do :)). In November and December, there are normally between 10-16 classes planned each month.

  • I would like to gift a membership. What is the best way to do this?

    I'm thrilled you want to spread the joy by gifting a membership to the school! Scoll up and you'll see an option to gift a 3 month membership to the Online Pastry School. If you had something else in mind, please shoot me an email and I'll set up a customizable gift card for you.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    As long as you are subscribed. For a monthly subscription, this includes access for as long as you are signed up. For packages, this is automatically set at access for one year.

  • If I need to cancel, how does that work?

    For subscriptions (the yearly packages and monthly base subscription), you can cancel at any time by going to "My Account" then "Billing" in your Dashboard. Your subscription will continue until the last day of the billing cycle.

  • Can I pay in Euros?

    Yes but you need to contact me directly at to do this. Just a heads up though that even when you pay in US Dollars, your bank will automatically convert this to your home currency when the transaction goes through using current currency conversion rates.